Donate a Tree

We are carrying out a project for Conservation of Private Forests at Koyna. Tree plantation on private land is an important component of this project. We plant useful native species such as jack fruit, kokum, mango, awla, jambhul, tamal patra, hirda, behda, sawar, narkya and bamboo on private land belonging to local persons. Plantation of useful trees motivates the owners to protect them. Tree plantation is carried out at the beginning of monsoon. For the rest of the year we carry out maintenance activities such as fencing, weeding, watering and protection from fire. Maintenance is carried out for three years. By the end of this period the seedlings become sufficiently established to survive on their own. Tree plantation helps to protect the saplings and trees that already exist on the plantation area. The entire area gradually grows into a forest.

Our annual tree plantation target is 10,000 seedlings. We have introduced the scheme Donate a Tree for tree plantation at Koyna. For every Rs. 150 that you donate we willl plant a seedling and protect it for three years. You can donate any number of trees. If you donate Rs. 1,000 or more we will issue you an 80G certificate for income tax exemption.

We would welcome an annual commitment from you for donating to tree plantation at Koyna. We will contact you at the appropriate time every year for your donation.

Other Projects

Our projects are carried out with financial support from national and international conservation grants, government grants, grants from private sector companies and individual donors. Individual donations are very helpful for filling specific needs. Your donations will help us to increase the reach of our ongoing work as well as take up new activities. Ultimately your donations help in conservation of India’s wildlife.

If you want to discuss any specific interventions please write to us or call us. Some projects for which we need donations are:

  • Conservation of the Critically Endangered Forest Owlet
  • Conservation of private forests in Koyna-Chandoli corridor
  • Tiger and wildlife conservation in Melghat Tiger Reserve

Donations by Indian donors are eligible for income tax exemption under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Donations may be made by cheque or bank transfer in name of “Wildlife Research and Conservation Society”. You can write to us at or from the Contact Us page.