Training Workshop on weaving Nylon Bags in Melghat

Weaving nylon bags is an activity that is easy to learn and can provide livelihood to the village community in Melghat. With this background, WRCS organized training workshops in nylon bag weaving in Hilda and Karanjkheda Villages of Jarida Range of East Melghat Division, with help from Forest Department officers and staff. The training was conducted in Hilda from 14th to 16th July 2016 and in Karanjkheda from 17th to 19th July 2016. Totally, 40 people attended the trainings, 17 from Hilda and 23 from Karanjkheda. The trainings generated a lot of interest in both the villages. Certificates were distributed to all the participants. Training was also conducted in Laktu, Dharni Range, West Melghat Division.
The trainers for the workshop were Mr. Prakash Chore and Mrs. Shilpa Chore from Chikhaldara. Mr. Tushar Pawar from WRCS organized the training. Senior officers of the Forest Department visited the workshop and gave encouragement to the participants. Through the training program it was emphasized that this activity is being carried out through a tiger conservation project between WRCS and the Forest Department. The training will help to establish regular production of nylon bags and provide livelihood to the villagers.